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The Long Version

ABBY CORSON has been a luxury travel and lifestyle writer for over ten years, with her work featuring in magazines and newspapers like Vogue, The Age and The Herald Sun.


When she started to write novels, she quickly realised that she couldn’t keep her propensity for glamour from creeping into her tense, gripping stories - and so, her signature ‘chick-lit thriller’ genre mash-up was born. 


Born in Manchester, England, Abby moved to Melbourne in 2012. She now juggles her passion for writing her so-called chick-lit thrillers with the demands of raising her one-year-old daughter, and her fast-paced job at one of the country's most popular radio stations.

The Short Version

  • Born in Manchester, UK

  • Moved to Melbourne in 2012

  • Writing for over 10 years

  • Likes chick lit

  • Likes thrillers

  • Mashed the two genres together

  • Drank wine, wrote words

  • More words coming soon

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